Truck Name: BIGFOOT® #17

Number: Officially Number 17 out of 18 Bigfoots, with a further two currently in production in the USA

Body: 1997 Ford F150

Engine: 572 cu in Ford Racing V8

Supercharger: 871 BDS

Fuel: Methanol

Horsepower: Est 1750

Consumption: Approx 56 yards to the gallon

Transmission: 2 speed race transmission

Shock Absorbers: These are custom built to an exclusive Bigfoot design with 20" of travel in the front set, and 36" travel in the rear set and are nitrogen charged

Axles: ITL SD70 axle as used on a lot of JCB equipment

Tyres: Firestone Floatation 66 x 44 x 25

Tyre Weight: Approximately 500 Kilos each, of which about 35 kilos of rubber are shaved off when re-shaping the tread pattern

Sets of Tyres: Two, one set for car crushing and one set cut for racing and grip.

Fire System: Onboard fire system with jets position over the engine and in the drivers cab

Interior: ISP Seat, 5 point race harness, fire system and tyre debris protection walls

Dimensions: 10ft high, 12ft 6" wide and 18ft long

Weight: 9,500 lbs

Built: 2003

Bigfoot #17 Engine Bigfoot #17 Engine Bigfoot #17 Shock Absorbers Bigfoot #17 Shock Absorbers Bigfoot #17 Shifter Bigfoot #17 Accelerator Bigfoot #17 Cut Tyre
Bigfoot #17 Tyres Bigfoot #17 Gearbox Bigfoot #17 Axle Bigfoot #17 Seat Bigfoot #17 Dash Bigfoot #17 Batteries Bigfoot #17 Fuel Cell